Welcome to docxus.

We at docxus are delighted to offer you our online active healthcare consultancy services - ‘www.docxus.com’. docxus was conceived with an aim to provide value for money specialized healthcare at no cost.

How would you feel, if you cannot express your illness in your own language? How do you know which speciality to consult? Finding the right doctor, at the right time and the right place can be a challenge especially when you need the most. docxus provides solution for your language barrier and help you in finding the right specialist. We make it easy through our portal. With docxus, we can help you identify one or more doctors who meet your specific needs. You make an online registration at docxus, and we’ll do the rest. docxus is a secure web-based platform with an interactive voice services in every language of the North East, where patients can find and consult our highly dedicated and experienced Specialists and Super Specialists across a full range of specialities who are empanelled with us. We don’t run a hospital or diagnostic laboratory, but help people seeking to find the best doctor free of charge. We consider ourselves as a pioneer in bringing a revolutionary change in healthcare through our direct doctor-patient interactive approach keeping in mind our collective focus. That is always the patient.

We provide our patients with more than just their doctor of choice, but also many other value added services. Our patients can also expect a consistent, seamless and friendly interaction with any one of our team members anytime.