Advantages to End User/ Patient

  • Free charges for registration and nominal fee for e records maintenance.
  • It is Quick, Easy and Convenient.
  • You can view and book an appointment with our empanelled doctors 24x7
  • No more frustration with endless searches at clinic/ hospital.
  • Get value added services prearranged

Advantages to Doctor and Hospital

  • Our system can work for you as a virtual receptionist 24x7 round the clock.
  • Monitor appointments for multiple clinics from one central location.
  • Cancel an appointment with ease of one click.
  • Our System will inform and remind your patient about their schedule appointments.
  • Reduce the number of calls regarding schedule and timing enquiry or cancellation of appointment.
  • You can market your services to millions of consumers by advertising through our web portal

It’s your health – Make no mistake about it

Survey revealed that 34% of all medical diagnoses are wrong. 68% of treatment plans require a correction. 38% of surgeries are unnecessary. With docxus, you can be sure your diagnosis and treatment plan are right. And you can be confident you’re making the right decisions about your health. It’s a personal service that complements the care your own doctor provides. All it takes is just an online registration.