Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is docxus?

docxus is a free online healthcare consultancy service provider.

2. How does it differ from other online healthcare related sites?

Yes it differs in many aspects

                   a. You can request callback on specified time of your convenience.
                   b. You can choose the language of your preference for call back.
                   c. You can tell your problems in your own language.
                   d. Team docxus helps directly in completing formalities (Contact number and
                        team member can be seen on www.docxus.in homepage)
                   e. Team docxus identifies your speciality / specialities concerned.
                   f. You have the freedom to choose any concerned doctor or hospital of your choice.
                   g. Indoor treatment is completely cashless with the empanelled hospital.
                   h. docxus negotiates for you for the best price

3.How does docxus works?

docxus consult private limited is an online portal, empanelling accredited hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, ambulance services, lodges and providing value added services like hassle free reimbursement, e health data storage etc. docxus offers accountable quality health services in the northeast without any extra cost.

4. How do we pay?

All payment is routed through docxus. docxus negotiates with the accredited hospitals / doctors for prearranged packages as treatment cost. Patient pays only the package cost irrespective of the duration of hospital stay.

5. Do we have a choice for specialist?

Yes, Concerned Specialists are chosen by the Patient. docxus helps in providing the right department and a list of empanelled hospitals and empanelled doctors.

6. How do we contact doctors concern?

docxus will help in reaching the concerned doctor.

7. Can we be sure that they are the best?

Our empanelled doctors etc are chosen by the Peers as best in their field. docxus empanelled laboratories and Hospitals are ISO / NABH / JCA accredited, which is a mark of quality control.
8. Are the services provided value for money?

docxus ensures services are value for money.

9. Any regulatory body?

docxus is a private limited company registered with the Consumer Affairs, Govt of India and works under the provisions of company Act.

10. How do we follow up?

docxus maintain relevant database and records and send reminder for follow up.

11. Can we get refund if treatment is unsatisfactory or does not want to continue service?

docxus consult private limited enters into contract with the empanelled service providers and payment routing. Refund policy is subject to the concerned hospital’s policy.

12. How can i opt for ambulance service?

log on to www.docxus.in and request call back. Team docxus will help in arranging ambulance service.

13. How about accommodation for relatives?

docxus empanelled lodging facilities are available in major cities. Accommodation can be prearranged as per needs and place. log on to www.docxus.in and request call back.
14. What does PAC stands for?

PAC stands for Privileged Assurance Card which contain complete data and package offered to the patient.

15. Can patient be admitted without PAC

If you want to avail privileges from docxus, PAC is mandatory

16. How do we get a privileged assurance card?

Privileged assurance card is issued to the patient for admission as per terms and conditions specified.

17. What is the validity of PAC?

The validity of PAC is for life.

18. Is PAC transferable?

No PAC is not transferable.